Local #330

Construction & General Laborers'

Local Union #330 ~ 886 W. Airport Road,  Menasha, WI  54952  1-866-340-0330





Below are the various trust funds located in the state of Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Laborers’ Health Fund                                               1-800-397-3373

Wisconsin Laborers’ Pension Fund                                            1-800-397-3373

Building Trades United Pension Trust Fund                              1-262-784-7880

Building & Public Works Laborers’ Vacation Trust Fund         1-800-397-3373


If you work outside of the Local #330 area please notify the Local office to have your hours and benefits transferred to your home fund.

For additional help, please call your local union office



Wisconsin Laborers’ Health & Pension Funds

4633 LIUNA Way Suite 201

De Forest  WI  53532



Fax:  1-608-846-3192

As of January 1, 2010 our PPOI network administrator is Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Dean Health System.

To locate an Anthem network provider:

Call: 1-800-810-2583          Website: www.anthem.com

To locate a Dean PPO network provider:

Call:  1-800-718-3326         Website: www.deancare.com

Pension questions should be directed to Mary Bachorz at the WI Laborers’ Pension office, phone number 1-800-397-3373.