Local #330

Construction & General Laborers'

Local Union #330 ~ 886 W. Airport Road,  Menasha, WI  54952  1-866-340-0330


We received information from the Department of Workforce Development-Unemployment Compensation Division informing us:
Benefit Rate Increase - As of the week beginning 1/04/09, the maximum weekly benefit rate will increase from $355 per week to $363 per week.


To be eligible to receive benefits you must register for work with Laborers Local 330 and Wisconsin State Unemployment.

You must:

A) Be unemployed.

B) Be able, available and actively seeking work.

C) Be willing to accept suitable work when it is offered.

The job search requirement may be waived for claimants who are members of a union that operates an effective hiring hall or referral system.

You must report all earnings before deductions.

The period during which wages paid to you are used to determine your eligibility for benefits. The base period is the first four (4) of the previous five (5) completed calendar quarters. The base period is controlled by the date a claim is filed, not by the date you became unemployed. Base periods are shown by shaded months.