All Meetings will resume in July

Appleton Meetings– 7:00pm

2nd Tuesday of every month

Appleton Labor Temple (Hideout Bar)

2828 N. Ballard Road


Cleveland Meetings-VFW 6:00pm

Satellite Meetings

Wed April

Wed July 22nd

Wed October 28th


Fond du Lac Meetings– 6:00pm

1st Wednesday of odd months

No Meeting in January

March 4th, May 6th (Pin Ceremony), July 1st, September 2nd, and November 4th

Fond du Lac Labor Temple

50 E. Bank St.


Green Bay Meetings– 6pm

3rd Wednesday of even months

February 19th, April 15th, June 17th, August 19th, October 21st and December 23rd

Green Bay Labor Temple

1570 Elizabeth St.


Stevens Point Meetings– Harvey’s Bar- 6:00pm

Satellite Meetings

Thursday, April 2nd (Pin Ceremony)

Thursday, July 9th

Thursday, October 1st